What makes us different?

ENTHUSIASM– for assisting clients in solving challenges and issues preventing them from optimizing organizational performance.

RELENTLESS PURSUIT— in providing clients value and benefits at affordable cost.

SENSITIVITY— in working with clients to achieve pragmatic and real world solutions and action plans. We will NOT engage with a prospective client unless we determine that our work can achieve results.

KNOWLEDGE AND KNOW HOW — Frankly, there really is no substitute for knowledge and know how. Encore and its associates have accumulated many years of successful experience in a variety of professional disciplines. This combined level of expertise translates into an ability to achieve results in an effective and cost efficient manner.

REDUCED COSTS — Encore is committed to providing financial value to all of its clients. We have purposefully structured our consultancy and practice to minimize overhead expenses and related costs. This translates to reduced fees for you and your organization.


Simply stated, we will provide you with truly practical solutions to your organization’s problems by creating individualized solutions. With a deep pool of knowledge and experiences to draw upon, Encore is positioned to confidently address a variety of situations confronting organizations. We do this with a high degree of integrity, honesty and trust.