Advisory Services

As the healthcare industry grows and evolves, as it seems to faster and faster these days, there are multiple business aspects which will need to be updated as well.  However, determining the best way to effect these changes is usually not immediately apparent.  Hiring a consultant who has a whole career spent working in this field to assess your situation and advise you and your staff throughout the process is invaluable.

ENCORE is structured to offer guidance and support services in these primary areas:

  • Interim Management Services: Undergoing a management transition can be a painful and confusing process for everyone from top to bottom of the organizational chart.  If you are looking to provide continuity during a management transition or disruption, ENCORE can provide your organization with an experienced senior, C-level professional who will focus on maintaining stability, promoting productivity and enhancing value .
  • Financial Advisory Services:  If you are looking for a seasoned professional to assist your organization in evaluating and implementing financial, accounting and operational systems for greater efficiency and productivity, ENCORE may prove to be of real value in the following areas :
    • Operational assessment
    • Financial feasibility studies
    • Third party reimbursement advisory services
    • Valuation /appraisal services
    • Corporate governance
    • Expert Witness Services
  • Health Plans/Voluntary Benefits: Encore Health Management and Advisory Services collaborates with organizations that offer their workforce an array of health insurance plans and voluntary benefits.
    Employee benefits and related expenses are typically the second largest operating expense most organizations incur besides Wages & Salaries.
    In this arena, Encore works as part of the benefit team in reviewing, analyzing and then executing a customized benefit platform. In certain instances, Encore will work in collaboration with established health insurers and voluntary benefit professionals to augment their benefit enrollment capabilities by optimizing and personalizing the benefit enrollment experience.

Our focus at Encore is always to achieve measurable, positive results for our clients not only in terms of reducing benefit costs for both employers and employees but results that improve the health and financial well being for employees and their families.