Getting the Results You Need

Tangible results are the primary focus for our clients, so tangible results are our primary basis to determine success.  As such, we clearly delineate the goals we are to achieve, including roles and responsibilities, bench marks, and timelines.  In order to establish these mutual expectations, we have the following approach:

  • Initial Contact: When we receive an inquiry via the website or phone, we will do an initial assessment of the nature of your situation and what resources we have to address your concerns.  We will then follow up with you to set the date and time of an introductory meeting.
  • First Step – Introductory Meeting: The first time we talk in depth, we will learn about your organization – current issues, background history, ongoing struggles, and most importantly what you ultimately want to achieve, to ensure that ENCORE will be a substantial benefit. Our goal is to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND how we can serve you.
  • Second Step – Make a Plan: An outline and proposal will be prepared and submitted for your consideration. The outline will identify all the conditions, such as the specific needs of the organization, the goals being committing to, explanation of the fees, and payment schedule.  We highly encourage discussion of this proposal, and we are willing to make adjustments based thereon.
  • Ongoing: We implement the approved agreement, and keep you informed on our progress until you are satisfied!

Please note, if the principles at ENCORE feel the scope of the work involved is beyond our collective ability to achieve, we will respectfully discuss this and offer suggestions but will not contract with a client.  It is our policy to not waste anyone’s time on a project that cannot be translated into positive and tangible benefits.

Fee Structure

ENCORE does not operate on a generic basis, and do not offer “box store” or package solutions or bulk retainers like many other consulting firms.  We take time to get to know you and your organization, and discuss the specifics that are pertinent to your situation and needs in order to create individual, focused solutions.  Therefore, we cannot give you a price list of rates or fees here.

  • The introductory consultation is at no cost to you – that time is for us to understand your goals and the parameters of the situation to ensure we can offer a full fledged solution.
  • Based on that conversation, we will draft a proposal that will address your stated goals, create benchmarks, state the fees, and establish a payment schedule.
  • Generally we will ask for a 25% payment in advance, with the remainder being paid at specific intervals.  Upon your acceptance of the proposal and payment of the retainer, the proposal becomes our service contract.

We will work with any client to accommodate specific budgetary or other accounting needs.